Ignacio Nieto Carvajal [Nacho]

My profile

Hi, I'm Ignacio Nieto, a senior freelance developer specialized in iOS, RESTful backends and Javascript full stack development.

I'm a highly experienced developer with expertise in iOS (iPhone, iPad, Watch...), Javascript Full Stack development, Android and more. I have a strong background in RESTful backend development, building secure client APIs, and employing OAuth 2, cryptography, and JSON technologies. I have worked with multidisciplinary teams remotely using shared repositories like Git and applying Agile methodologies for years. Sound teamwork, communication, and technical writing skills.

I am an active developer for the open source community, and also write regularly about iOS, RESTful backends, development and technology in my blog.

I'm also an entrepreneur, and the CTO of Letusdo, the smart tool for managing the tasks and customer related activities of your company or business.